Hitler Liberator! Life in Hitler's from jews commies liberated Eastern Areas (1941-1944)


White Warrior


Published on Jul 9, 2015

Communism (also referred to as Bolshevism, Marxism, or Marxian communism) is a political system and movement, formulated for the most part by Jewish ideologues such as Karl Marx,✡ Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky.✡ It began in the late 19th century and continues on to this day. The core nature of the movement—along with Zionism—forms part of a group evolutionary strategy for attaining Jewish hegemony over their nearest gentile competitors. Fanatical nation-wrecking and internationalism is a prominent part of its disposition, in that it hopes to achieve a One World Government under the iron hard, global dictatorship of the Jew.
As a means to this end, it appeals to a section of society, whom they hope to turn into a fifth column to destroy the national body as a whole, through flattery and nurturing envy. Spuriously claiming to be a form of socialism, the Communist Jew theorists, initially held that the industrial workers and peasants were this sect (hence the hammer and sickle symbol). In a practical sense, this gave the Judeo-Bolsheviks the pretext for stealing land and production from the gentiles under collectivisation.[1] In more recent times, since the working-class in the West largely shunned them, many reds turned to Cultural Marxism—under which sexual deviants, third world immigrants and radical feminists are used as the fifth column.
When someone says that Marxist Communism is actually an old system of sharing, they are thinking of a gift economy which is completely unlike Marxist Communism. Communist propaganda since Marx has deceived people that Marxist Communism was a gift economy when it has always been utterly different. A gift economy is where people voluntarily donate and choose where to donate while Marxist Communism is where a small elite instead of having to swindle from the masses just directly take, and then don't give back enough for the people to live, resulting in hundreds of millions dying in the Red Holocaust. Every communist state has ended in misery and brutal oppression. Some of the most famous demagogues representing it were in power during the 20th century. For instance Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, Mao Zedong in China and Fidel Castro✡ in Cuba. The ongoing Red Holocaust in which over 94 million people have been exterminated by communists—variously through faux "class based" murder, artificial famine and ideological cleansing—is the greatest crime in the annals of world history. Despite this, at present it is the heroes who fought against the Red Peril who are regularly demonised in the controlled media, by bought politicians and by red professors in the universities.

Whole Germans people sacrafised ewerything for world freedom from jewish communism and capitalism. Hail to them all and to their Great leader Adolf Hitler,forever. Hitler- the men who ideas are humanity last hope! Sieg heil!