Small quantity of Hitler's gifts to the world


White Warrior


Published on Jun 29, 2015

Every age on Earth is represented by a name, by an extraordinary figure who appears but once in thousands of years to give mankind a new symbol, a new law to guide and inform its destiny.

The great figure and archetype of our age is—Adolf Hitler. At a time of greatest danger to our race, this immortal being was sent to remind us of the eternal laws of life.

The words which this man spoke are the words of life for our race. Without them, there is no hope. Without them, our kind has no future on this planet. Without them, our race is doomed to extinction.

But thanks to his appearance in the history of mankind, Adolf Hitler has left us a wonderful,amazing legacy.More information about Hitler's legacy can find here: Heil Hitler! (And Sorry For Slur ''nazi'' in this video. )