"Sons of Abraham" An Islamic- Jewish- Christian Coalition For Palestinian Liberation.


Gala Cervantes TM Subsidiario Del Santo Grial


Published on Jul 17, 2021


In the name of God, Saint, Michael and Saint, George.

A Global Alliance of Islamic- Jewish- Christian Abrahamic Knight's of the Holy Grail.

Endorsed by Europe's Multaqa Project and UNESCO, Valencia, Imperial Spain.

A Holy War Against World Zionism!

To prevent the genocide of the Palestinian people.


A production of the Imperial Knight's and Dame of the Holy Grail.

Sir, Álvaro Guevara y Vázquez, Grandmaster.

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Video Footage: From the film: "Lawrence of Arabia." A non fiction historic event, of Arab unity against tyranny.

Legal Notice.

This video is NOT PROPAGANDA.

This is NOT intended to incite a Jihadist War against Zionism.

But to remind Arabs, Jews and Christian's across the world, that we must do our duty, to save the Children of Palestine, either by Diplomatic means, the I.C.C. of the Hague or a Holy War against Zionist Tyranny.

Not against, our brothers, the Jewish masses, who are also victims of Satan's minions.

Peace and Diplomacy are the best option.

But how do you prevent a hungry and vicious Lion, from ruthlessly devouring a defenseless Lamb?