"In Memory of Miss, Muñeca" Oct. 2008 - Jan. 2021


Gala Cervantes TM Subsidiario Del Santo Grial


Published on Jul 16, 2021

In memory of our beloved angel Miss, Muñeca.
Rest in Peace.

Music: Musical Selections from my
"Winter Circus Menagerie Opus 45."

©2008 All Rights Reserved.
Álvaro Guevara y Vázquez, Composer, B.M.I.

Reproduction or Download for PROFIT, particularly by Youtube, is strictly prohibited without written permission.

Any unauthorized downloads, will constitute PIRACY! Per U.S. Copyright Laws.

Theme 1. "Introduction
To The Circus"

Theme 2. "Dance Of The Butterflies"

Winter Circus Menagerie Opus 45.

A musical theatre circus for children, based in the roaring 1920's.

The life of a Hobo- Clown, Dr. Aloysius McFlea, remembering his life in the circus.

A work of love and redemption.

This work contains over fifteen individual themes.

My Warmest Regards,

Álvaro Guevara y Vázquez, Composer- Performer- Publisher, B.M.I.

Holy Grail Publishing Commandery of America.