"The Birkenhead Ripper" By Sir, Álvaro Guevara y Vázquez, Author.


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Published on Apr 7, 2021

"The Birkenhead Ripper"

A novel of Love, Betrayal and Justice!

The exploits of the Abominable, Dr. Glazebrook.


A satirical murder mystery and romance novel, documenting the exploits of the Abominable, Dr. Cornelius Mortimer De Glazebrook,  dubbed by the English Press: "The Birkenhead Ripper".

Who is the fall of the Year of Our Lord 2022, rid Great Britain of two Irish narco terrorist linked to the I.R.A. Operating from a dilapidated Victorian era Mansion at 25 Clifton Road, Birkenhead, United Kingdom.

Two Godless parasites poisoning England's youth with drugs and vice, undetected by the incompetent Merseyside Police or brought to justice by the corrupt Crown Court.

A public interest story, based on factual evidence.

By Sir, Álvaro Guevara y Vázquez, Author.

Grand Master of the Sacred and Imperial Knight's and Dame of the Holy Grail by the Grace of God.

Gott Mit Uns.

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Álvaro Guevara Vázquez, Author- Publisher

Holy Grail Publishing Commandery of America.

On Sale online via Kindle Books as of January 2022 at an accessible cost of £20.

Proceeds will benefit orphan charity organizations in Europe and America.

Music Credit in this video:

By the Great, Samuel Alexander "Sandy" Faris 
(11 June 1921 – 28 September 2015) Irish Composer and Conductor.

"The Birkenhead Ripper"


Dr. Cornelius de Glazebrook- Aloysius McCookie Del Montijo

"The Ripper"

Sir, Seamus MacFhearghuis "Scotland Yard"

Lord, Reginald Linus Bronson: " The Presiding Judge"

"The Victim's":

Sean Patrick McCoolie, Betty DeAngelo

"The Defense Barristers"

Mordehai Miguelito Finkelstein,
Wolfgang Tiberius von Hohenberg,
Sancho Primo de Rivera y De La Peña.

Esquire, Thomas T. Crapper: "The Prosecutor"

Luigi Monika and Marco: "McCoolie's Minions"

Except from Chapter One:

"The Birkenhead Ripper"

" A Gruesome Sight "

On the morning of October 4, the Year of Our Lord 2022, the Merseyside Police Homicide Unit, responded to complaints of a horrendously foul odor eminating from a dilapidated Victorian era Mansion at 25 Clifton Road in Birkenhead.

Upon arriving at the location and conducting a preliminary investigation, they were not unable to reach a definite conclusion, of what was to become the most gruesome crime scene of the Twenty first Century.

It was then that the great Detective, Sir Seamus MacFhearghuis of Scotland Yard; the greatest police force in the world, other than Ireland's "An Garda Síochána" , was summoned to the scene of the crime to investigate the most  horrific bloodbath, echoing the  historic exploits of the notorious Jack The Ripper.

It involved the tortured and mutilated bodies of two adults at 25 Clifton Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside.
The bodies were identified as: Sean Patrick McCoolie; an English born Irish hooligan in his late 50's and an Italian born prostitute , Miss, Betty DeAngelo from Rome, Italy.

From the initial forensic analysis, the Chief Coroner at the Birkenhead Morgue,  concluded that they had been tortured to death and their flesh was ripped off their miserable carcasses, whilst still alive!

Surprisingly,  large amounts of amphetamine was detected in their bloodstreams, during the forensic examination.

The Coroner concluded it had been used by the killer as a stimulant during the macabre ordeal,   to revive the victims as they passed out from the Neurogenic Shock during their
hellish experience.

The overall conclusion by the Forensic Pathologist, based on the treatment of these two victim's carcasses; was that the killer lacked the slightest remorse for his devilish actions,
as if he were exterminating vermin!

These were the deeds of a monster!

Authors Biography:

Sir, Álvaro Guevara y Vázquez, is an accomplished Neo Classical Composer, Concert Pianist, Historian, Political Scientist and Scholar.

A descendant of European Nobility; related to 11th Century King, García Ramírez of Navarra, Sir, Winston Churchill, María Luisa de Urquijo de Pellew, 9th Viscountess of Exmouth, Imperial Nobility of Great Bretain.

Grandmaster of the Sacred and Imperial Knight's and Dame of Holy Grail, by the Grace of God.
Aside from his involvement in the performing Arts and Science's, he is a devoted philanthropist of Orphan causes worldwide.

He intends to continue his sacred quest for knowledge and self development, to benefit humanity, particularly the world's children and the oppressed.

Gott Mit Uns.

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