Venus in Silicon(e)


Marang Bad


Published on Oct 6, 2019

mass censorship, surveillance, transhumanism, cybernetics & mind control

This is an "artistic" exploratory journey into a very real tech dystopia, an ever encroaching censorship machine, a careless media that is hypocritically fanning it's flames, the siege on our minds and blinded utopian elites that are hurling the entire world towards the abyss. Although shocking footage both real & fictional is incorporated this only serves to bring across the point as well as visualize in adequate intensity the situation(see Childish Gambino's: "This is America" or any movie really). All video is sourced from Youtube itself which includes WikiIeaks, documentaries or historical medical film. Real world harm is ALWAYS presented or judged in a deeply troubling light. This video CONDEMNS everything of sorts, exemplified in speech ca. half way through by jewish american actor "Elliot Goldstein" decrying supression & it's consequences! NEITHER is the video an encouragement of hate against anyone or groups of people, rather an imaginative pit of different sides of the argument against each other inside a 16:9 sandbox. That said.

speak so slightly

Fair Use applies.

Out of Youtube's own TOS:
"A video that contains n* ... s* content may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, and it isn’t gratuitously grafik.". | These scenes are all taken from the japanese movie "Ghost in the shell".

Bitchute Mirror:

Twisted Nerve - Bernard Herrmann
Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
MGMT - Little Dark Age
Custom Remix of "Venus in Furs"
They Bl** Pixels Soundtrack - YABACHIBAHN
Safe and Sound - The Robots Are Coming Remix
Infant Sorrow - Going Up
Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us
Ratatat - Wildcat

Docus featured:

| The Net
| Blacklisted
| The Engineering of Consent
| NSA Whistleblower William Binney
| The Lobby - USA
| Machine Learning: Living in the age of AI

A lot of the footage brought to you by zyntrax' relentless archive grind, go sub: