The Rainbow Nation || Censored V2 - South Africa's Farm Murders & Land Grab (+Articles/Footage)


Marang Bad


Published on Nov 17, 2018

DISCLAIMER: This cross btw documentary & music video about South Africa mainly focuses on the plight of the white population, the imminent race based land seizures, calls to violence/action against the farmers by various extremist political groups and overall gruesome attacks as a means of educating and spreading awareness of the horrific situation due to that reality being denied all across mainstream media. While that's the main focus the video deals with the state/fate of South Africa as a whole too as those are intertwined. I also want to make clear that this in no way endorses hatered or violence against anyone or blacks as a whole, as many of them suffer just as much under the corrupt government and by the acts of violent communist terrorists. This is also showcased in the video. That said VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

Uncensored Original Version:

Bitchute Mirror V2:


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