The Rise & Fall of Antifa


Marang Bad


Published on Sep 21, 2018

DISCLAIMER: This video deals with the rise of Antifa and the ideas/thought concepts attached to it narrated by a former KGB Agent. It further showcases the extreme violence used against innocent citizens and bystanders in their pursuit for power. A large portion is dedicated to a montage of conservatives & antifa physically fighting & punching each other, conservatives mostly in defense situations but not solely. I'm deeply troubled by the major rift in today's society that scenes like this even play out in the streets. This is not an endorsement of the actions on both sides but an "artistic" depiction of a much greater political and societal "battle" raging on. This is followed by Antifa severely harming police, the more or less appropriate response and a warning by the KGB defector at the end. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

Fair use applies for all used/edited footage!

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