Reign of Terror - Yellow Vests


Marang Bad


Published on Dec 10, 2018

This video merely tries to depict & capture in an artistic fashion the mass protests and sentiments of all the people across France under the umbrella term "Yellow Vests" in its entirety and DOES NOT condone any sort of violence or destruction of property. All acts of it in the video are supposed to be seen as visual representation of the struggle of the French and of course as what they are. This movement can NOT be boiled down to certain specific political groups. It's mainly a reaction to living expenses becoming unbearable for the working class due to over taxation, a rebuttal of globalism & loss of sovereignty. To bring this across I made a point of also putting in all the peaceful action going on and police/protestors putting down their arms and coming together! The end brings this home the best. That said VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.
Fair use applies for all used/edited footage & audio! yea, exactly. just don't delete the video holy sh

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