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Why Birth Control Is Evil: Part Two


Published on Sep 28, 2019

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My first video on why birth control is evil drew a LOT of very interesting comments, and several (common) misunderstandings. So I'm adding a second whack at the topic.

My perspective is one of a former dissenter (I used to think the 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae was a well-intentioned crock).

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Also, I don’t engage with FNCs (fake name cowards). I block FNCs as well, but if the comment is neutral or funny or interesting, I’m very latitudinarian.

There are that arose after my video was uploaded last week.

I’m going to address three main disputes, one by one, here in Part Two:

1. The distinction between natural family planning (NFP) and contraception. Why does the Church condone the one and condemn the other? It’s word salad, a semantic game made up by wizened celibates in Rome to control the Catholic masses

2. Natural family planning involves periodic abstinence. And abstinence harms marriage! What is so hard to understand about this?

3. What about the population explosion? Why does the Church want to bring in billions of babies when it’s already tragically crowded in here?

Learn the benefits and blessings of natural family planning (NFP) which has a very impressive track record of marital happiness and longevity.

Oh, and the population bomb thing you've read about?

It IS a crock, and I prove it here.

For more information, research sources, and other fun facts with which to vex the heterodox and cheer the faith-filled, get my book, “The Contraception Deception,” here:

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