142: Covering Catholic Corruption—George Neumayr (Free Version)




Published on Aug 20, 2019

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Very few journalists who are practicing Catholics are willing to honestly tackle the corruption in the Church by naming names, digging until the truth is unearthed, confronting bad guys, making antagonists squirm.

This is what George Neumayr does, chiefly as a correspondent for The American Spectator, but elsewhere as a freelancer. He has gone after the DC Swamp (Catholic Edition) for some years now, telling the true, often horrifying, story of malfeasance and other forms of corruption (sexual and financial) among priests and prelates in what he describes as the epicenter of the priestly abuse scandal that first broke nationally in Boston 2002, with ongoing tremors to this day.

Neumayr is doing what the official Catholic establishment media won’t do. His work is a testament to the power one man can have when writing the truth.

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