146: What the Bleep Happened to the Church?—John Gravino (Free Version)




Published on Sep 17, 2019

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Many people, especially Catholics, are vexed and confused about how the once admirable Catholic Church suddenly became identified with pedophilia, leadership corruption, duplicity, and worldly ideals having little to do with the gospel.

Author John Gravino has outlined two forces—one intellectual, one moral—working in tandem (although not always intentionally as allies) to create the present crisis. So the John Jay Report found that 81% of sexual abuse victims were teen boys (not “children”). But which moral theologians taught these predators in Roman collars? Who were the highly esteemed dissenters that shaped priestly formation?

And what about humanistic psychology? Ever hear of Carl Rogers and William Coulson—or Richard McCormick, SJ, or Andre Guindon, or Charles Curran? If the answer is no, this interview with the author of Confronting the Pope of Suspicion: The Key to Church Reform is the place to start understanding how the bleep we got here as a Church that claims to have been founded and sustained by Jesus Christ.

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