Confession Under Attack


Published on Aug 31, 2019

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Some features of the Catholic Faith look weird to outsiders, including Christian outsiders. Things like transubstantiation -- the belief that the Host and the wine are actually changed into the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, or the bodily Assumption of Mary into heaven.

And…..confession of sins to a priest.

THAT does NOT compute for some people—say, for tens of millions.

For guilty parties, like you and me, Confession is the exact opposite of a secular court. The judge in open court pronounces you guilty. Down comes the gavel, you get punished, and everyone hears about it on the news.

Where is Confession in the Bible?

Is 53:5
Numbers 5:5-10
John 20:21-23:
James 5:14-16
Matthew 19:10-12
1 Cor 7
The Didache
St Ambrose
Fourth Lateran Council (1215) Canon 21

Among other things, celibacy *lived out generously* and in union with Christ the high Priest is THE ANTIDOTE to the abuse crisis.

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