Police officer dies after confronting murder suspect


Kenn Daily


Published on May 4, 2020

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DAILYKENN.com -- Police officer Lt. Glenn Dale Hutto, Jr. died after confronting a murder suspect in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Hutto was one of two police officers shot during the encounter.

Reports say the suspect, Ronnie Kato, 36, fired on the officers as they investigated the murder. Kato is accused of killing Curtis Richardson, 58.

According to waff.com: While they were checking the scene just after 12:30 p.m., Kato fired upon them. He barricaded himself in the home as more officers surrounded the scene. Around 4 p.m., an eruption of gunfire and screams rang out from near the house. It was followed by three or four more gunshots.

The shooting occurred April 26, 2020 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

District Attorney Hillar Moore announced his office will be seeking the death penalty in the case against Kato.

Hutto had been a police officer for 21 years.

What do you think?

Why has the national media ignored the shooting death of this police officer?

Had the officer shot and killed the suspect, would it have been widely reported?

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