Broad daylight: NY couple KILLED in Mexco


Kenn Daily


Published on Apr 24, 2020

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etc. in comments. Let's keep this channel a safe space where sane people can engage in conversation. --20 shots were fired at a jeep with New York license plates as the vehicle was driven through the streets of Juarez, Mexico.

Inside were 32-year-old Pat Landers and his girlfriend, Karla Baca. Both died.

Reports say the couple were caught in a gun battle that involved drug cartels. More than 100 have been killed in the city since a stay-at-home mandate was ordered.

There was no official motive for the attack.

From ▼ The investigation into the shooting is ongoing and police have not yet provided any motive for it. Landers' friends told that he had been quarantining in Juarez during the coronavirus pandemic with Baca, who was a physical education teacher there. The couple was said to have been dating for three or four months and had originally met when Landers had taken a trip to Texas several months ago. Landers' friend, Adam Howe, told the news site that Landers enjoyed traveling to Las Vegas and other areas in the South because of the warm weather. Howe said that Landers would send him pictures of himself with Baca via Snapchat when he was in Mexico, the last few being photos of the couple in a kitchen.

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