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 Created Oct 6, 2008

Proletarian TV

Proletarian TV is the official channel of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

"Man's dearest possession is life.
It is given to him but once,
and he must live it so as to feel
no torturing regrets for wasted years,
never know the burning shame
of a mean and petty past,
so live that dying, he might say:
"all my life, and all my strength were given
to the finest cause in all the world -
the fight for the liberation of mankind."

Get in touch, get involved and help us change Britain from a blood-sucking, crisis ridden, monopoly-capitalist parasite into a champion of the interests of working people everywhere!

We are an active party and this resource keeps improving, so please SUB NOW!

Hasta la victoria; a lutta continua!
Until victory; the struggle continues!