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Published on Aug 17, 2018

All this stuff about anti-semitism has nothing to do with antisemitism whatsoever - its a complete blind, and a complete smokescreen"

This video is essential viewing for everyone who wants to understand the trouncing of Labour on the basis of its alleged antisemitism.

A case in point, the speaker, Anthony Greenstein, here speaking to Brighton PSC, has since been expelled from the Labour Party on the alleged grounds of being antisemitic. This is a particular insult to him as he is himself Jewish. In fact he has been disciplined precisely for upholding these scientific and strictly anti-racist, anti-zionist, anti-colonial and anti-imperialist views.

The truth, he meticulously shows, is that Zionism was and remains a colonial project. Israel was and remains an imperialist colony, "...a loyal jewish ulster in a sea of hostile arabism." Israel is key to the interests of the US in particular and imperialism in general in their ongoing domination of the Middle East and plunder of its huge oil reserves in particular.

Israel receives more aid from the USA that every other country in the world combined. And the US wishes to defend Israel, and give it a moral shield for its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people, its Arab neighbours, and the wider world - which in the last analysis are committed in the name of and in the interest of US imperialism itself.

The record of Israel - an openly racist, apartheid, militarist state - makes it indefensible by any honest and open polemical means.

Far better to simply go on the attack, and accuse its accusers of being racist - "anti-semitic". [Forget that the Palestinians are also technically semites].

Norman Bethune used to point out that the Zionists themselves developed this technique - "Crying and shooting" - in their every day propaganda campaign: while conducting ongoing military operations to murder and dispossess the Palestinian people, they deflect attention from their unholy war by referring to the inviolability and special memory of the Holocaust on the one hand (as if that had anything to do with the Palestinian people) and on the other claim that all Palestinians they oppress are terrorists on the other.

**Reproduced with thanks**

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