Red Ice Radio - Sonia Barrett - Pt 1 - Hacking the Mind & Breaking Reality Codes


Red Ice TV


Published on Apr 25, 2010

Author of The Holographic Canvas, Sonia Barrett returns to Red Ice Radio to talk about some of her latest material on how to hack the mind and break the code of reality. We discuss the human being as a program and the holographic program that is underlying everything. We discuss the recent news about the Croatian girl who woke up from a coma speaking fluent German. How can we re-program our belief about reality and hence change reality? Topics Discussed: Human Beings as Programs, Genetic Programs, The Stage One Human, Soul, Expanded Aspects of ourselves, Collectivism & Oneness, Programmed Reality, Pre-programmed Computer Game Character. What is the Soul? Breaking Reality Codes, The Bible Code, Holographic Design of Reality, Information, Changes, Multiple Lifetimes, Science Limiting Reality, Collective Consciousness, Messiah Figures, Croatian teenager wakes from coma speaking fluent German, the Function of the Brain, Belief System, There is now Distance, Hack our Belief System, Hacking the Mind, Reassessing our beliefs, Control and Chaos, Degrees and Controlling Institutions, Status, Survival, Fear, The Visible, The Many Levels of Experience and Reality, God, The Eye and our Perception. In the next hour with Sonia we will be discussing astrology and the different levels of control and manipulation and how to transcend them. We talk about the planets and the stars, destiny & faith, time & space, perception & belief, the necessity of boundaries, the expiration date of the body or death, age and cycles of Life. We also discuss the evolution of this planet, human civilization, reality decoded by the individual, do we have a soul or are we creating one as we go? Did someone (the creator(s)) make a mistake with Earth? We talk about victim mentality, the reason for death & suffering on the planet and how to manifest your reality with your own will. We end talking about the importance of the will and also how the elite controlling factions have realized how to supplant their will on us and how the key to break it, is simply not to recognize that they have any power over us.

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