Red Ice TV - Episode 3 - Pt 2/4 - Illuminati Symbolism in Hollywood Movies


Red Ice TV


Published on Apr 20, 2010

The pyramid and the all-seeing eye. An ancient occult symbol that shows up in religion, churches, Egypt, alchemy, on money, artwork, logos, crop circles, business models, architecture, food, pharma, government and fraternal organizations. Why? This symbol has been a great catalyst for philosophical, religious and political debate. Watch as we trace the pyramid and eye throughout history from Ancient Egypt and Sumer, leading up to the Masons and pop-culture of today. Then, we ask movie goers at the 33rd Gothenburg International Film Festival why this symbol is showing up in Hollywood movies again and again. With all the big film budgets and creative teams available, why the constant use of the pyramid and eye? Let's explore the origins, possible meaning and purpose behind the pyramid and the eye symbolism, for some of us, a symbol we see everyday.

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