Red Ice Radio - Stephen Bassett - Pt 4- Official UFO/ET Disclosure


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Published on Apr 25, 2010

We talk about official UFO/ET disclosure with Stephen Bassett from the Paradigm Research Group. Stephen is also behind the upcoming X-Conference in Washington D.C. in May and "Million Fax on Washington" with the intention to bring the UFO/ET question to the Whitehouse and the press. We begin to talk about the Paradigm Research Group, disclosure, some of the evidence for UFO presence, the releasing of UFO documents and files from various countries government, the COMETA report and what true disclosure would mean to mankind and human civilization. Topics Discussed: Ending the Truth Embargo, the Paradigm Research Group inception back in 1996, the UFO issue, UFO Policy, Disclosure Movement, disclosure, technology, propulsion, anti-gravity engine, breakthrough in energy, suppression of knowledge about UFO/ET, After World War II 1947, a National Security issue, Nuclear Arms Race, Nuclear War, Who is out there? Citizens Science Groups, Crop Circles, MUFON, Witness Testimony, Dr Richard Haynes, Pilot and Police reporting database, Releasing of UFO Documents and Files, Releasing of UFO Documents and Files by France, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, New Zealand and others, COMETA, when will disclosure happen? Truth Embargo Coalition, Public Awareness, How would ET handle Disclosure, Contact of the Third and Fourth Kind, "Taken". Are we ready for disclosure? In hour two for Red Ice Members we talk about who is behind UFO/ET cover-up, is it military, government or other groups? We discuss the ET's interest in nukes. Is here a covert war being waged against the visitors? We talk about defensive weapons, weaponization of space and the "Star Wars program". We ask if it's wise to wait for governments to give us the "true" story of ET when they have been involved in suppression of this information in the past? We also talk about back-engineering and if any covert advanced technology might be responsible for some UFO sightings. How does the UFO question connect with false flag operations? Could a fake alien invasion or an attack be in the plans? We round things up talking about if there are artifacts and bases on Mars, on the Moon and other planets in our solar system. Do we have teleportation technology? How does one relate to this kind of information? We also get Stephen's take on some of the testimony from people like Andrew Basiago and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower who claims they were involved in covert and secret missions to Mars. Don't miss hour two with Stephen Bassett for much more.

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