Göring: Nazi Number One.1of3.The Accomplice (2006, Documentary)

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Published on Aug 28, 2020

Part 1 of 3 - The Accomplice
Göring's dreams of chivalry and grandeur began in his childhood at Veldenstein Castle in southern Germany. After success as an air ace with von Richthofen in World War I (he was awarded the Pour le Merite, the highest military award), Göring spent time in Sweden, where he met Carin von Fock. She left her husband and son for him. After her death, Göring was inconsolable, and later built the manor Carinhall in her memory, even though he was married to actress Emmy Sonnemann by then. Göring joined Hitler in the 1923 coup attempt and was put in charge of the SA. He was injured, and this led to his lifelong addiction to morphine.

Alexander IV History's supplementary notes:
Original series title: Göring: Eine Karriere (Göring: A Career)
Part 1 of 3 - The Accomplice - Produced 2006 by ZDF (German Public Television)

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