Blackbird Stealth! (2002, Documentary)

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Alexander IV


Published on Aug 13, 2020

Designed in the late 1950s by aeronautical genius Kelly Johnson at the mysterious Skunkworks, the SR-71 Blackbird was the world's first stealthy aircraft, designed to over-fly enemy territory with impunity while photographing 258,998.8 sq. kilometer (100,000 square miles) in an hour. While serving 6 presidents, it saw action on hot and cold war fronts alike. Interviews with crews and commanders combined with unbelievable footage puts viewers in the cockpit of this amazing spy plane, flying at speeds of 3,218.8 kmh (2,000 mph). This film chronicles its development and operational history with the help of those who built and flew the SR-71. Learn about the work that went into each mission, and hear stories of penetrating enemy airspace. And see cockpit footage showing what it was like flying three times the speed of sound, 25.9 km (85,000 feet) above the earth.

Alexander IV History's supplementary notes:
From the "Battle Stations" series.
Narrated by: David Robb

First flight: 22 December 1964

Extended interview with Pat Halloran (SR-71 Pilot) 44:55 - 54:20

Lockheed California Company, Advanced Development Projects: The Blackbird Story 54:20 - 1:04:00

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