Nazi Sunken Sub (2011, 720p Documentary)

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Alexander IV


Published on Aug 20, 2020

In early 1945 the Nazi submarine U-745 is lost and the body of its captain is found frozen on the island of Foglo. For nearly seventy years the U-boat's fate has remained a mystery. Now after over a decade of painstaking research and underwater exploration the mystery of the U-745 has been solved by the members of Badewanne, a Finnish diving team. While searching, they dispel the myth of the Louhi, a Finnish minelayer that some thought was sunk by its own mine and discover a type of submarine some say was never built. This group of highly skilled technical divers take the viewer on a journey deep below the frigid waters of the Baltic to reveal the secrets of the "Nazi Sunken Sub".

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Kapitänleutnant Werner Sass (U-676)

Kapitänleutnant Wilhelm von Trotha (U-745)

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