Help! Need 100 people to remotely speak at city council meeting.


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Published on Jul 5, 2020


THE VANCOUVER CITY COUNCIL for some reason have decided to not allow public comments. Public comments give any citizen the right to speak for 3 minutes on any subject they chose. This is a very important tool for the people to utilize and they have taken it from us, probably because they are scared.

They only allow comments on the agenda items they set. I am asking everyone to register to speak. You must register before 4pm Monday at this link:

You are required to register for one of the agenda items (see red circle in picture) you can simply put in #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5 (there are 5 items on the agenda). You will receive directions in your email after you register. You will then be allowed to call in during the city council meeting, talk about Kelly Carroll until they kick you off. Demand that your voice be heard. Trying to get over 100 people to call in. PLEASE HELP!

Info on Kelly Carroll's case here:

Event page for tomorrow's event @5pm Vancouver City Council: