Hundreds of patriots rallied in front of the prosecuting attorney’s house- he then recused himself.


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Published on Jun 29, 2020

Kelly Carroll was arrested for defying the lockdown orders in Washington state for opening her business early. She was not getting any money from the government and had no choice. She is the first in the state of Washington to be criminally charged.

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After hundreds of patriots rallied in front of prosecuting attorney Kevin McClure's house for criminally charging Kelly Carroll he has decided to recuse himself from the case. City Attorney Jonathon Young is now taking on the case.

Vancouver City Council has oversight powers pertaining to City Attorney Jonathon Young. Monday we will rally before the city council meeting and have a BBQ at 5 pm just across the street of city hall in Esther Short Park. City Council meeting starts at 6:30 pm. We legally have a right to public comments.

We will accept nothing short of the charges being dropped on Kelly Carroll. If they can arrest her for defying fake unconstitutional orders then they can arrest any of us. STAND NOW!

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