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Published on Jun 10, 2020

From Peoples Rights Washington
911 - AND SO IT BEGINS! St Peters Hospital
413 Lilly Road NE Olympia, WA 98506

****CALL TO ACTION: Meet at 10am at the hospital today, WED. We need all eyes and ears in Olympia please! Call the number at the bottom of this post!!! Mom gave birth to her first baby yesterday at 4am, normal, easy delivery, and then mom was force tested for Covid by the hospital and came back positive with NO symptoms. Mom has been Quarentined for 3 months out of fear of getting sick while pregnant! Midwife tested mom and dad and both were negative. Hospital won’t accept those tests as valid. Baby has been separated from both parents since dad won’t take the hospitals test, and is not allowed physical contact due to mom's Covid test. Baby is heathy, thriving, was 4 weeks early and 5.9lbs and mom/dad can not stay inside with baby. Dad was kicked out of hospital by police force. Mom is alone in room with no advocate and no baby and will be discharged in the morning without her son, and forced to leave the property. Parents have to test negative for Covid to get baby discharged.

WE WILL NOT TOLERATE KIDNAPPING IN AMERICA! We need to show up to hold a constant protest at the hospital until this baby is released!! “NOT ON MY WATCH” !!!!
2 demands: either let mom or dad stay with baby at hospital or discharge baby. No other options! Find out names and titles of ANYONE keeping these parents away from their newborn!

Derick Wright, father
Lindsay Wright, mother
Baby Grayson Escher.

Call St Peters legal department and complain. Let mom and dad in! 360-491-9480, press 0, ask for legal department.
Email them also please!