Pardon My American #71: This is NOT World War III


Pardon My American


Published on Jan 5, 2020

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The guys open up the season by discussing the recent killing of Qassem Soleimani. They take a deep dive into the US Embassy attacks in Iraq and the escalations that appear to be occurring between Iran and the US. They discuss the what’s coming next, including the activation of potential terrorist sleeper cells within the US homeland. They end the show by examining the upcoming week of gun control in Virginia and how police who do not disarm the public may lose their jobs.


Iranian Conflict:

* Embassy photos:

* Man who led embassy raid met Obama at White House:

* NYT knew about Iran bombing hours before:

* Iranians and Iraqis celebrate death of general:

* One year delta from Sanctions Are Coming:

* Trump misspelling in tweets:
1. Trumps tweet:
2. Q drop 50:

* Iranian earthquake near middle site:

What’s Next?

* Activate Hezbollah Sleeper Cells:

* ISIS camps in US:

* 18-man gun ban task force:

* UN job opening in New York-Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer [Temporary]:

* Illegal to train firearms:

* Police to be fired or resign: