Pardon My American Ep64: Future Proves Past: Project Looking Glass with Big Ron Gehrman


Pardon My American


Published on Nov 21, 2019

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#64: Future Proves Past - Project Looking Glass with Big Ron Gehrman

Big Ron joins the show and they begin by discussing the Trump impeachment proceedings. They go into how the hearings are backfiring on the Democrats and how none of the โ€œwitnessesโ€ have actually witnessed anything. They then move into discussion regarding the recent return of Qanon and the reference to Project Looking Glass. The guys examine Project Looking Glass and how the Great Awakening movement is occurring around the world. They close the show by talking about what to expect within the coming years with Trump, 5G technology, and evolution of culture.



DAY 1: Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, and George Kent, a State Department official
* Jim Jordan -
* John Ratcliffe -

DAY 2: Marie Yovanovitch
* Chris Stewart -
* Devin Nunes -


* Bill Wood Interview -
* David Wilcock Presentation -