Pardon My American #69: Something BIG Is Coming


Pardon My American


Published on Dec 23, 2019

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The guys begin the show discussing the Trump impeachment and how it’s technically not impeachment due to the delay in the House. They watch a video of Pelosi bumbling through her reasoning as to why she’s delaying the impeachment and the guys discuss the possibility of Michelle Obama joining the presidential race. For the main topic of the show, Dave and Greg dive into the anti-gun laws occurring in Virginia and how this is quickly escalating into an unconstitutional mess, including possible gun confiscation check points and the deployment of the National Guard. Will push back and creation of militias spark the next Civil War in the US? If violence outbreaks, will the U.N. create compounds to try to impose its will on the American people?

* Michelle Obama is Running:

* Pelosi Is A Mess:

* Epstein Camera Footage Found:

* Virginia sherif to deputize (arm) thousands:

* Congressman Donald McEachum suggest using National Guard to take peoples guns:

* Gun Confiscation roadblocks Virginia and possibly California:

* UN In Utah: