Full Auto Rated, 3D Printable CZ Scorpion EVO Release Trailer (AWCY? Designed)


Gunny McGunsmith


Published on Oct 18, 2020

AWCY? (short for Are We Cool Yet?) is releasing the first of many epic 3D printable firearms designs: their 3D Printed CZ Scorpion EVO.

Every CZ Scorpion EVO you see firing in this video has had the bulk of parts 3D printed, with the barrel, bolt and a few other bits retaining the original CZ parts. Testing was done by multiple users with multiple filaments including NylonX, PLA and more. It includes a printable pistol brace, handguard, and more.

The full auto footage you see in this video was provided by an 007/SOT who was gracious enough to test fire the frame on full auto, putting a total of 1,376 rounds down range without failure during just one range day! This is exceptional especially considering the cost of ammo during these times.

For non-007/SOTs there has been testing with binary fire triggers which work just great as well. This 3D printed CZ Scorpion EVO is probably one of the sexiest 3D printable guns around right now, and I'm sure these will be one of the most popular 3D printed builds just for that factor alone.

Keep your eyes out on the channel and on the AWCY? developers as more excited projects like this one are released from them.

Huge thanks to all the guys in AWCY? who did the testing and provided footage and images for me to edit. So to be clear, none of this footage is mine, I just did the editing. That being said, we're definitely going to print one when I have the time/space for the next project. :)

BTW, if you're looking for the files to this 3D printed gun, or others on my channel, I can't share links here due to YouTube's TOS. Sorry! That being said, the files should be online by midnight today (10/18/2020).

Song used in this video: https://youtu.be/H-Qn4OlHGNE