How to Change a Mac 11/9 Firing Pin + 3D Printed AR15 Failures + CAD


Gunny McGunsmith


Published on May 17, 2020

In this live stream we'll be doing some traditional gunsmithing on my new Cobray Mac 11/9 parts kit I got in as well as taking a look at the two 3D printed AR15's in my circle of friends and how each of them failed in the same fashion.

Tune in to see some of my favorite gunsmithing tricks as well as what we'll be doing to reinforce our next 3D Printed AR15s.

This stream is going to be on the shorter side since I've got a DND match to run to afterwards, so we'll be cutting it at an hour (10:30 EST).

Additionally, just to make it clear to the YouTube staff, this live stream DOES NOT feature any firearms, only parts. Additionally, it doesn't show how to manufacture firearms, just how to repair and replace parts on already built firearms.

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