1K Giveaway and Where to get Rails for 3D Printed Glock Frames


Gunny McGunsmith


Published on Feb 15, 2020

Just wanted to give back to you guys for subscribing to the channel. I've got an extra set of Spooky rails (no screws, just rails) that I'll be giving away to one person at the end of the month. Just leave a comment in the video below and we'll announce the winner in a video releasing at the end of the month.

From there, I wanted to share an update/where to get rails tip. When looking for rails for 3D printed Glocks, there's Spooky Rails, but they haven't been in stock lately. I'm hearing good news that not only will they be getting stock again, but they're making improvements to logistics to get orders shipped out even faster! Additionally, in the meantime we have a member of the community who has a decent amount of rails for sale in the meantime with the username Aveees.

Once again, if you want rails now and can't wait for Spooky Rails to get in stock. Join Keybase and message the user Aveees. They have rails complete with screws for $33 shipped to the U.S.

Thanks again for everyone for subscribing to the channel! Next video should be an update on the Mac Daddy. :)

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