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Nicholas DeVincenzo


Published on Feb 18, 2017

The Zionist State Needs "Islamic Terrorists" In Order To Survive

So they manufacture them through False Flags such as the attacks in Paris and 9/11. The Self Proclaimed Jewish State was created within the bowels of deception.

Since the 1890's the Zionists have had their sights on the Land Of Palestine. World War I (1914) gave the Zionists a foothold in Palestine through Rothschild controlled England, amid the Balfour Declaration.

World War II fomented a mass migration of European Jews to the Zionist State, another Rothschild funded war. It just so happens that Hitler's Germany played into the hands of the Zionists. (1933 The Transfer Agreement ) Don't forget world Jewry declared war on Germany that same year. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Transfer_Agreement

Fast forward to September Eleventh 2001, Israel had/has a huge public relation problem. For the racist apartheid state was being recognized for what it is, i.e. an unjust colonial settler state.

September the eleventh was designed to demonize the Muslim world, whom the Self-Proclaimed Jewish State just happens to be surrounded by. (go figure) False Flag terror operations like the ones in France are perpetrated by Zionists in order to create the perception that the Zionists State's security concerns are also the world's concern.

ISIS is another manufactured perception management tool; least we forget that the balkanization and destabilization of the countries surrounding the Zionist State has been in the works since the 1980's, as was the war with Iraq, Libya, Syria, and a future war with Iran. One such plan, https://en.wikipedia.org/…/A_Clean_Break:_A_New_Strategy_fo…

It is of course my contention that most wars, and the current wave of so called terrorism are directly related to the Self-Proclaimed Jewish State. In other words, and keeping this in mind as world events unfold, that

The Zionist State Needs Islamic Terrorists In Order To Survive . . .