Zionism : A Scourge Upon The Land


Nicholas DeVincenzo


Published on Aug 11, 2015

by Nicholas DeVincenzo

There is a growing awareness surrounding the Self-Proclaimed Jewish State (SJS) that even the shield of Anti-Semitism will no longer be able to protect it from.

The atrocities it has committed are just too great, now even the most conditioned of minds will be able to break the paper chains that hold them from their ability to think critically about the SJS.

What is their claim to the land of Palestine, a sanctuary for a persecuted people, a return to their historic homeland? These claims are levied, but at whose expense? Zionist Extremists are an insult to the core beliefs of Judaism.

It is the Messiah that would lead the Israelites back to their promised land, not terrorists like Ben Gurion or Menachem Begin. The SJS's war of independence was the culmination of a war of attrition, of lies and deceit.

Look not to Theodor Herzl as the father of Israel, but to men like Hitler himself who was used by the Zionists to drive out the Jews of Germany into the Self-Proclaimed Jewish State.

The World Zionist Organization is but a scourge upon the earth, it is a plague and a parasitic notion that breeds nothing but wars and pestilence i.e. World War I, World War II, and now the so called War On Terror.

This is part of the Secret Society that JFK spoke of, the one that had him assassinated for speaking truth to power, for trying to make the order's existence known to the people. They are the destroyers of worlds, as they manipulate and divide from the shadows.

If you want to take the time to identify them, just follow the money, and where it is kept, know these names. The Federal Reserve System, The Bank Of International Settlements, the IMF, the World Bank, it's here that you will find your pit of vipers and den of thieves.

Manipulators all, who would divide the people, who would profit from war and misery, they are the co-creators of the Self-Proclaimed Jewish State and the likes of ISIS, and the people behind September the Eleventh 2001.

Research the Project For The New American Century, and you will begin to connect the dots and understand why the Christ figure condemned the Money Changers within the Holy Temple.

What I am describing is an old scenario, only now the masks have changed, know that empire now has to disguise itself as something else. Something like the spreading of things thought to be noble, like democracy or perhaps a homeland for a persecuted people...

"Israel's" security concerns are directly related to the way in which the so called state was created. It is an abomination birthed in violence, deceit and lies. Defending "Israel" is to defend the indefensible, once the truth be known.