Perception Management (Paris Attacks)


Nicholas DeVincenzo


Published on Nov 15, 2015

Looks into the *terrorist attacks" in Paris, by the Western, Zionist creation known as ISIS....


As with WWI, WWII was also a horrific manipulation used by the Zionists to create the Self Proclaimed Jewish State. Death and destruction are mere consequences to those who wish to consolidate their power. In other words "The End Justifies The Means".

Hitler worked in tandem with the Zionists to rid Germany of its Jewish population. He didn't care where they went as long as they were not in Germany. The Zionists number one goal was to create a "Jewish Homeland" it was a symbiotic relationship formed with the Nazis, one concocted in the bowels of hell.

Whatever you think of Hitler, in the end the six pointed star now flies above the land of Palestine. This is a consequence not of war, but a consequence of the will of Zionism.

Money and lots of it is the key to understanding all of history, simply put those who control the money have the means to manufacture what they will. England has been under the control of the "Money Changers" for centuries. Hitler offered peace to England several times, but England would not have it.

Peace would not be had for peace would interfere with the Zionist's ungodly plan know as "Greater Israel". Presently the manufactured chaos within the Middle East, represents the Zionist's efforts to justify the existence of something completely unjust, and that is the Self-Proclaimed Jewish State.

Can anyone say False Flag and 9/11/01 in the same breath? If they are honest and worth their salt they can. What of the traitors within our midst how could they do what they have done?

The offering of wealth beyond the dreams of most men and women you see, and unfortunately so, will prompt people to sell their souls for a bag of silver. This ability to induced such behavior of course comes with the power to buy people off, and to silence those who do not acquiesce. (president Kennedy and others comes to mind)

The march towards the Racist Zionist State leaves a bloody trail of war and destruction, of malfeasance and manipulation, including capitalizing on the short comings i.e. racism and nationalism of the Third Reich, Hitler and Nazism . . .