How To Treat Athlete's Foot ๐Ÿ‘ฃ


Dr. Sam Bailey


Published on Aug 18, 2020

How to get rid of athlete's foot and how to treat athlete's foot at home.

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What is Athlete's Foot?
Athlete's foot is a term often used to describe a fungal infection of the foot (Tinea Pedis).

What are the symptoms of Athlete's Foot?
* Moist, peeling skin between the toes
* White, yellow, or greenish discolouration
* Sometimes, thickened skin
* Painful splits in the skin
* Unpleasant smell

What causes Athlete's foot?
It's generally caused from an overgrowth of a fungus called "Dermatophytes".
You have an increased risk of developing Athlete's foot if you have other health conditions eg:
* Diabetes.
* Poor circulation.
* A poor immune system

Athlete's Foot Risk Factors?
* living in hot or humid climates
* visiting public places barefoot
* sharing socks, shoes, or towels with an infected person
* wearing tight, closed-toe shoes
* keeping your feet wet for long periods of time
* having sweaty feet
* having a minor skin or nail injury on your foot

Who develops Tinea Pedis?
About 1 in 4 people will get Athlete's Foot in their lifetime.

Other Skin Conditions That Look Like Athlete's Foot:
* Foot eczema โ€” especially pompholyx
* Contact allergic dermatitis
* Psoriasis
* Plantar pustulosis
* Plantar keratoderma

How To Prevent Athlete's Foot?
* Dry feet and toes meticulously after bathing
* Use desiccating foot powder once or twice daily
* Thoroughly dry shoes and boots
* Keep your feet cool and dry by wearing breathable footwear and cotton socks
*Change your socks daily
* When using communal showers, wear protective footwear eg Flip flops
* Using antifungal shoe spray
* Hot washing your socks
* Clean the shower and bathroom floors using a product containing bleach
* Avoid towel sharing
* Consider replacing old footwear, or socks
* use Tea-Tree Oil in webspaces of fingers or toes + a few drops of Olive Oil

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