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Ramola D Reports

Interviews, podcasts, and conversations on the state of affairs in the USA and in the world today and on viable ways forward toward saner, peaceful community.

Covers current-day science and technology, consciousness, sovereignty, ethics & the lack thereof, the DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) World Order, Mercenary Surveillance State, False Flag Terrorism, Covert Ops being run by the Intelligence Agencies, corruption and crime in high places.

Covers Military/Intelligence Targeting, Electromagnetic/Spectrum Weapons, Military Neurotechnologies, Nanotechnology, Non-Consensual Military/Intel Experimentation, MK ULTRA-Extended Neuro Experimentation, Military contracts, Human Rights/Activism, as well as the crimes of Covert Operations rampant worldwide currently.

Most podcasts relate to reports and interviews published at Ramola D's news/media site and blog, The Everyday Concerned Citizen: