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 Created Nov 19, 2019
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jaleel appleseed

National Security// Anti Apartheid,. Always in the Public’s Interest,. Professional chicken sheeit fLinger & Music Appreciation advocate,.
Focusing on Israeli Espionage,. And Israel’s covert ties with racist Marxist(and fascist & capitalistic) communistic dictatorships,. Technology Transfer// drug and arms trade,. And other illegal meanie beanie type activities,. Like industrial sized blackmail ops for technology centers in the silicon wadi/ Oded Yinon / Culture Wars / Clash of Civilization/
Including China’s Obor and the somalisation of the Mideast,. Africa,. And the West//

please keep,. Comments nice and peachy,.
(It’s not what you say but how you say it)

Also as supreme ayatollah of the holy chive duck cult,. & being a subversive lil aspiring polymath/I have also decided to take on Islamic history and esoterica from the blessed Imams of Ahlul Bayt(as)

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