Obfuscation / Grappling the “Sphere” pt 2.33333

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Published on Jun 7, 2022

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We continue reading from "Perversion of Justice: The Jeffrey Epstein Story" By Julie K. Brown, and we also read from "Welcome to Waterbury: The City that Holds Secrets that Could Bring Down Trump" by Wayne Madsen and Andrew Krieg.





















#JeanLucBurnel has now entered hell the real permanent Chicken Shit Dimension 🍗💩🌀

Side Note 📝
This Video took literally longer to upload than it took to make,…and it took a long time to make,. I promis I will upload the non music/ 30 min videos too eventually,. Please share these lots of effort,. Lots of me ignoring my girl to find the perfect robot chicken shit dimension clips,. All that,. If you know us ,. You know we been on to the deeper aspects of the Jeffery Epstein,. Saga before anyone,. And really who else hits these hard to hit notes 🎵? “Loving you is easy cuz you are beautiful” I personally feel compelled to atleast try to put out a proper narrative,. And sometimes my cynical nature gets ahold of me,. And I question,. Is Lord Yakob right ? Are we just useless eaters?,. Shit has been extra cringe 😬 as of recent,. Rumors of War,. “The rise of the Truckers- a New hope,. Aka how we let foreign influence disrupt the supply chain so we can kvetch about the supply chain”,. Downed F-35’s /10 million a day to the Apartheid state,. Who really cares about Jean-Luc dangling in his cell reminiscent of the ending of brave new world,. ? Who wants to ask the hard questions,.
For fucketh sakes down town Julie brown even fumbled the box 📦 of donuts 🍩 ,.

At ten mins “we were the ones who really examined the Wexner iRaq 🇮🇶 connection”

Les Wexner & Epstein pt.1


Les Wexner, Epstein- Dershowitz


Nick Spero (RIP) introduced me to Jon’s work with these,. Aforementioned videos and really still to this day,. Nobody’s talking about Leslie and his Iraq War Push,. “The Israel Project” or Slave Labor ,…

Then remember nikkole Yunkermann (she was a reason last channel hung itself alone at night while the cameras were asleep 😴 📼📽🗜)
One of the reasons,. And that Nick Spero Scott Rickard video,. I’m pretty sure chingo bling 💍 tamale 🫔 king 👑 commercial hurt someone’s feels,. But yeah she is crucial to all this ,. A major reason being she is so active,. Still/ Carbyne/ British NHS/ Sports shit/Political shit/Economy Shit/ so check her out,.

Also not to break my arm to jerk mee own jerk chicken 🍗 🥊🐓 off, here ,.
But I also remember saying that Epstein be to key 🔑 as Ghislaine be to lock 🔒 with all of Maxwell’s hidden money 💴,. HoffenbeRg just publicly addressed this

Also go to Zev’s page and ask him “who is Jon Vein” that is going to be our “where is bravermann” 🦤🐩🦚🦩


Lawyers will be the death of us,. Boise blackcube/ Lisa Bloom Weinstein justify it with the John Adams/ Dershowitz defense 🤾‍♀️🦈
I wonder who spooked 😱 Katie Johnson at that CNN spirit cooking 🍳 event!! 🐳🥣💐
Riddle me them Apples?,.

Speaking of Dershowitz,. Flights to Doha,. Brokerage of release of Israeli spies after 9-11

Here he be with Zohar Zisapel at technion


And here the Lobby USA 🇮🇱
This is why Dershowitz forgot to pack his undies,. And flew red-eye to Doha this was supposed,. To be released pre 11/9,.


Well I hope 🤞 y’all enjoy 😉
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