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 Created May 27, 2018

Muhammad Screwed 4-8 yo. He Beheaded Boys & Men.

They never target their own Islamic girls. Only white or Sikh girls.Help
All these Crimes all have a strong denied Judges, Ideological Racist Supremacist Element. Their Book and Hadiths DO tell them they should invade, Thieve and kill all males. Women and kids can be raped or sold as ISIS do. Strange coincidence Hey?. Highlighting the routine Crimes on the British people. The low level street violence, ISIS killings and Racist Rape of huge numbers of mainly poorer background Schoolgirls. They are misled by "Fake News" Media, false Peaceful Islam' narrative. Teachers Parents Police all fool us and them into trusting these Supremacist Ideology 'men'. They all follow a 7th Century Mass killer and Paedophile on dozens victims.
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