UK Tommy Robinson & Golding Patriots, daily Expose #Antifa. James Fielding £70Kyr Islam ignoramus.


Muhammad Screwed 4-8 yo. He Beheaded Boys & Men.


Published on Aug 22, 2018

James Fielding is plainly a Vile Marxist Nazi, a Bigoted anti #Trump anti white & Democracy #Antifa how can we deduct this?.
Because he assumes Tommy is 100% guilty of imaginary terrible 'race hate', or other unspecified heinous violence or similar offences. This is patently wholly FALSE #fake news as Potus has said.
Tommy is a Loving father, a businessman, and an established Author Reporter and passionate Anti Child Rape gang Activist.
I like Tommy have read many parts of their 'unholy Quran unlike James here. It is packed with Supremacism, & Racism towards all of us, massacres looting of Christians. Summary executions and recommendations for pedophillia.
assumes the BBC CNN Islam is peace 100% fake false narrative.