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 Created Feb 22, 2015

Geopolitics & Empire

The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast conducts interviews with high-profile guests on geopolitics and international affairs seeking to gain insight from experts on both the left and the right as to the true nature of current events.

Our guests come from a variety of backgrounds and we believe it important to hear a multitude of opinions. We do not agree with every belief or statement made by our guests.

We also publish a weekly newsletter which collects key headlines focused on the New Cold War, the rise of China and the New Silk Road, the Americas, Middle East, Africa, EU, NATO, the global economy, energy, the environment, deep politics, and the surveillance state.

You can support the broadcast by donating on Patreon and subscribing to us on social media!

*Music used in podcast intro is from the song 'The Queens Jig' by 'Musicke & Mirth' from their album 'Music for Two Lyra Viols':