Paul Rosenberg: The Road to Techno-Serfdom


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Published on Feb 20, 2021

Cryptography expert and founder of 'Freeman's Perspective' Paul Rosenberg gives his take on the "first televised plague" and where U.S. politics and the economy are headed. More importantly, he breaks down the very serious situation of "techno-serfdom" that is threatening to strip away the freedoms of every individual on the planet. He gives his inside take on Bitcoin, how to protect your privacy (e.g. VPN, dumbphones), and how individuals can fight to maintain their freedom.

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Show Notes
The Great Fear Machine of 2020
What’s Coming At Us
Society: Bitcoin Fixes This


About Paul Rosenberg
Paul Rosenberg has been deeply engaged with cryptography and cryptography-based projects since the first cypherpunk era. He wrote the first protocols for law in cyberspace, co-authored a foundational paper on private digital economies, and co-founded the Cryptohippie Anonymous VPN.

Paul wrote the highly influential A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, as well as Production Versus Plunder, The Breaking Dawn, and others. At the same time, Paul has been, and remains, an electrical industry expert.

The Fingerprint of Paul’s PGP Key is: E4F1 E883 DA8D 9DFB 9736 FE18 6964 FEE7 9F5C 2CAD

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