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Perspective Crossroad

Why don't I argue with my Jewish wife about Palestine? Because she will cut my food supplies!

Welcome to the Perspective Crossroad @PermanentCeasefireNow – here we delve into the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, seeking a path to peace and understanding.

The truth may be painful, but the channel encourages open dialogue, weaving diverse perspectives and addressing personal dilemmas to unite people through understanding. Join us and explore solutions together!


Tere tulemast Perspektiivi Ristumisteele @PermanentCeasefireNow – siin uurime Iisraeli ja Palestiina konflikti keerukust, otsides teed rahu ja mõistmiseni.

Tõde võib olla valus, kuid kanal kutsub üles avatud dialoogile, sidudes erinevaid vaatenurki ning puudutades isiklikke dilemmasid, et ühendada inimesi mõistmisega. Liitu meiega ja avasta koos lahendusi!


What is Genocide

Perspective Crossroad

Published Feb 10, 2024


15. jaanuar 2024

Perspective Crossroad

Published Jan 15, 2024