Some RARE truth about MH17


Hollands Glorie


Published on Sep 28, 2016

THIS was in my perspective (Hollands Glorie) the MAIN reason for downing flight MH17:
David Cooper (AIDS expert and on board passenger) made days before in a interview with an obscure African newspaper the statement that he had a important announcement to make at the conference they where going to attend in Melbourne, and which was the sole reason for him boarding flight MH17. In contrary to populair believe that they might have found the cure for AIDS (which in not impossible of cause) he apparently found out that the Ebola epidemic was a hoax, because he found falsified test-results of the local population, making them illegible for vaccination (a billion dollar operation) by the big pharma.

1) The Dutch government AGREED that all parties involved had the right to VETO the UN MH17-tribunal, including Russia, except the rebels ofcause who will be blamed.
2) The Dutch authorities IGNORED the warnings given to them just days before the downing of MH17 that recently planes were taken down in the area at greater heights than previously assumed.
3) The Dutch authorities refused to notify the parties involved so they could NOT take any actions to prevent a potential disaster waiting to happen.
4) The dutch authorities decided to OMIT the most important piece of evidence (the cockpit section which clearly was shot away by a weapon) in the "presentation" buildup of the plane, when they used it as a suiting background during a informational gathering for the families of the victims, telling that "It would have been TOO confronting". ??? And the other 1000 pieces would not have this effect? The families knew NOTHING about the controversy of that particular piece of wreckage because it was never mentioned to them, for them it was just a piece of plane with some holes!
5) The organisation I suspect of downing flight MH17 has a long known OBSESSION with NUMBERS and symbols.
Coincidental? Facts:
The MH17, which is a Boeing 777, was downed in the 17th hour of the day (Dutch time) on the 17th day of the month, in the 7th month of the year, exactly 17 years after her maiden flight on 17-7-1997. The state emergency number family could call for information was 070-3487770, which the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BuZa) first tried to stop, because all those 7's would seem disrespectful toward the families. (what were they thinking of only minutes after the crash?)
(Wikipedia says: AROUND 17:18 (Dutch Time) the plane disappeared from radar. (15:18 CEST) I'll bet they aimed for 17:17)
Some even say: 0 + 7 + 0 + 3 + 4 + 8 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 0 = 43 (4 + 3 = 7)

- Original text:
Three months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was brought down over Ukraine, there are still no definitive answers about what caused the tragedy. Civil conflict in the area prevented international experts from conducting a full and thorough investigation. The wreckage should have been collected and scrupulously re-assembled to identify all the damage, but this standard investigative procedure was never carried out. Until that’s done, evidence can only be gleaned from pictures of the debris, the flight recorders (black boxes) and eye-witnesses testimonies. This may be enough to help build a picture of what really happened to the aircraft, whether a rocket fired from the ground or a military jet fired on the doomed plane.
- End original text.

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