Social Decay In San Francisco (5-18-20)


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Published on May 18, 2020

00:00 Homeless man brings dead raccoon into San Francisco McDonalds,
07:00 Billions S5:E3, Jonathan Haidt & belief in God
11:00 Millenial Woes update
15:00 Andrew Anglin update,
20:00 Facebook bans links to
22:00 ‘GOD TV’ spat exposes tensions between Israel, evangelicals,
25:00 The Lockdown Skeptic They Couldn’t Silence: Targeted for censorship in March, Aaron Ginn is becoming an influential voice in cities, states and Washington,
27:00 LAT: The price of being ‘essential’: Latino service workers bear brunt of coronavirus,
32:00 Dropping interest in WWII?
35:00 WP: Why don’t doctors seek mental health treatment? They’ll be punished for it,
41:00 Two on Philip Roth: How the Lion Groomed His Cubs,
44:30 Ronald L. Numbers on Ellen White and Adventism,
53:00 Salon: Seeing the light — of science: Ronald Numbers -- a former Seventh-day Adventist and author of the definitive history of creationism -- discusses his break with the church, whether creationists are less intelligent and why Galileo wasn't really a martyr.
56:00 The Warfare Between Science and Religion | Dr. Jeff Hardin & Dr. Ron Numbers,
59:00 12/11/2015 "Are We Born Sinners?" | Elder Kevin Paulson,
1:02:00 Kevin Paulsen was a fierce critic of my father,
1:10:00 Protest against corona,

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