The Rise and Fall of Carl Schmitt


Luke Ford Livestreams


Published on May 4, 2020

00:00 Comparing COVID-19 Deaths to Flu Deaths Is like Comparing Apples to Oranges,
05:00 Eric Weinstein on immigration,
19:00 The Bell Curve reconsidered,
24:10 What is Joe Biden doing in this video to the chest of a young girl?
32:00 Canadian performance philosopher,, on Carl Schmitt
39:20 EBL 13: Carl Schmitt "Political Theology" (with Richard Spencer and Nils Wegner),
43:00 Carl Schmitt: Theorist for the Reich,
1:21:00 Between the Yeshiva World and Modern Orthodoxy: The Life and Works of Rabbi Jehiel Jacob Weinberg, 1884-1966

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