Published on Jul 11, 2021

The fights got so bad that Kings Island was actually SHUT DOWN early and they had to call for state troopers, county sheriffs and Mason PD to help out. But you know what the best part is? Communications director Chad Showalter said they have no plans to add more security. WOW! How does he still have a job at this park after the awful national attention it now has?
Just because of this, communications director Chad Showalter just announced the park will be closed at 8pm through the holiday and for the next 2 weeks. Can you believe they take it out on the rest of the guests at the park just because their security cant handle fights?

Kings Island had groups of 80 to 90 or more just walking in packs causing trouble all day long. Every ride you went on they had tons of kids cutting in line, stealing plastic drinking bottles and getting free refills all day long, and atleast one fight so violent they had to take a little girl out by ambulance since she was thrown across the pavement on her face. Keep in mind NOT ONE person was arrested or even thrown out of the park. Spokesperson Chad Showalter as always just gives a very brief statement saying the park didnt agree with what happened that day. BIG DEAL! He didnt go into any details or what happened, or the mistakes the park made or atleast say what they will be doing to prevent these extremely violent fights and thefts that happened all day long at the park. The park can do better than this, and needs to replace the spokesperson along with new management, otherwise it will only get worse, and families will continue to be too scared to take their kids.

This video shows you just a fraction of the fights that happen at Kings Island Amusement Park. Will you bring your family to this park, or will you wait until they clean house and get a new spokesperson and correct people to run the Cedar Fair park?