Professor Reports Seeing ‘Noose’ Behind House. It Was Part Of A Swing Set.




Published on May 24, 2021

Professor Reports Seeing ‘Noose’ Behind House. It Was Part Of A Swing Set.

May 24, 2021

Shadow of a child on a playground swing - stock photo

Earlier this month, two black Penn State University professors reported seeing a “noose” in a tree behind their house.
They told PSU student newspaper the Daily Collegian that the incident was “deeply distressing to them and their family.” Local media outlet the Centre Daily Times reported that the professors believed the alleged noose was “deliberately placed [on the tree] to harass them.”

The College Fix reported that the Patton Township Police Department found the noose and began investigating. Before that investigation was complete, however, PSU President Eric Barron posted a statement condemning the alleged act of hate and accepting the professor’s feelings as truth.

“[T]he incident underscores the importance of our anti-racism work as a University, and as a community of scholars,” Barron wrote. “It also underscores the importance of our town-gown work to build a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all who live here. Groups like Community & Campus in Unity that have formed the Centre Region Anti-bias Coalition are critical to helping create a climate of acceptance and support.”

When police spoke to the professors’ neighbor, they learned the truth. It was not a “noose” intended to frighten and intimidate two black residents; it was part of a swing set that had been simply discarded into the woods. The neighbor’s child told police he had simply thrown the length of rope “into the woods.”