David Irving - Smear Campaigns to Stifle Truth in History




Published on Sep 6, 2012

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Eric (aka: WVradioman)
In his speech here.., a very angry David Irving recalls incident after incident.., where the Holocaust Lobby.., in which he coined the phrase.., "The Traditional Enemy".., tried to discredit.., his up till then.., brilliant career.., as a skilled biographer of important historical figures / people of the 2nd World War era.

It's a very outspoken discussion about the little-known.., AND career destroying "modus aperandi" of the "gate-keepers" of the traditional.., but NEVER forensically verified.., "Holocaust" claims of large-scale mass-gassings...

This is an EXTREEMLY interesting and eye-opening expose' of how "political correctness" AND "the powers that be".., have made countries that claim to be "free and democratic societies" into what can only be described as completely biased and politically controlled "thought crime" prosecuting entities !!!

This speech is 60 minutes long with relatively good quality, as it was made from an old VHS cassette...

As always.., after watching.., do your best to "pass it on".....

"Truth Does Not Fear Investigation"


"He who Wins the War.., also Writes the History" yes / no ??

"The Truth Shall Make You Free".., but at first.., it'll make you Damn Mad !!!